What? You were expecting me to have a story? Well, you my friend, are very sadly mistaken.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
well the other day i was turning around and my guitar almost hit the wall......i took the blow by diving infront of it
you cant spell manslaughter without laughter

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I've never really done anything horrible, but I have a friend who somehow managed to swindle the people selling prom tickets into giving him a lower price so that he could use the rest (his parents had lent him the money for the tickets) to finish paying for a new guitar. Nothing too extreme, but his date wasn't realy thrilled either that she had been equaled to a guitar :-D
i sold a guitar to pay for a couple dates with a girl........i regret it up and down
Nicks and dents are battle scars...they give a guitar history.

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i sold a guitar to pay for a couple dates with a girl........i regret it up and down

Conclusion, girls are evil and they are the worst enemy of guitars.
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I guess i didn't save my gutiar because I ddint see this coming.

I had just been playing in the lounge which is in a different room to where my amp was cause I turned it up too lud to be in that room, I was coming bak to that room and just as i got in my guitar body slammed into one of those stupid door handles which poke out and arn't round, the square shape of it branded my guitar with a dent which i can't get out, i've only tryed using water so the wood would expand but didnt work. (lucky it didnt take out the paint). It sucks because its in a obvious spot n gets caught up when cleaning the guitar.