i got a 9v Hpro adapter to use for my overdrive pedal, when i plugged it in it started to make a real loud noise and didnt work when i plucked any strings. now it seems to have broken my pedal all together, i tried replacing the battery and chords but it still wont work.

what do you think i sould do? should i contact them?
your pedal is ****ed.

thats why you ALWAYS check the voltage AND Amperage of the pedal and adapter.
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The voltage was probably wrong and it probably fried the electronics inside the pedal.I dont think you could fix it unless your good w/electronics and schematics and stuff.
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I'd start by looking inside for burnt out parts.

On most analog pedals voltage isn't really an issue(and not in this guys case for sure; he got a 9v adapter), some pedals sound cool on different power supplies. Going too high can burn out parts, and of course amperage could do it. I wouldn't go above 1000mA. I run 9v pedals on 1000mA 12v all the time, you just need to have a basic idea of what will start burning stuff.
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