Hey people I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus and im thinking of doing the following to it

- Changing Pickups putting in a set of Seymour Duncan Invaders
- Gold Hardware
- Black Scratch Plate
- Changing Most /All Electrics putting in higher quality componets

What you guys think.?? AIming to do this by september.Just looking for ideas really
with flame maple veneer^ and alder, why not buy a tube combo with this money, that will be a way better investment considering your current amp and that you are getting a C-1 FR in october, this will be a waste of money with an mg and a cheaper Epi LP, a tube amp will improve your tone a lot
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Wel new amp is coming in October. hopefully a VOX AD100VT Or A Marshall AVT 150 Head And Cab depending how much money I have. So base it around that amp
i don't know if it's your cup of tea, but i recommend the Gibson '57 pickups. You can get them gold-plated, and they sound PRIME in an epi les paul. You get a nice high-end overdrive that's very Jimmy Page-esque, and the tones are generally full, warm, bright and clear. They aren't high-gain pickups, but they're very high output, so if you have amp distortion or a pedal, you're putting a nice clear, crisp signal into it, and the distortion effect sounds nicer.
Well, what you can do is save the money you'd be spending on these mods and get yourself an even better amp.
Maddy, first off, why are you wanting to modify your guitar now since your getting a new one in a few months?

Now with that being asked, if you can afford to get a new guitar and amp, and still modify this one, then by all means go for it. If however the budget for modifying this one will run into your budget for the new guitar and amp, then still do it, just rework your cost for this mod project and go with some less expensive parts. That way you still get to modify this guitar but then you wtill have the money to upgrade your set-up.
instead of picking up a hybrid amp... (btw... the vox is the better choice)... why don't you put that same money plus the money from these upgrades into a nicer yet amp?

if you persist on upgrading... guitarfetish.com is a nice place to pick up some of the cosmetics and hardware
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