Running on coffee and cold showers
Sleep eludes me
Like the sun would escape the night
Living off Top Ramen and will power
But I know everything's not alright

Warriors of the dawn
Running to battle with swords of sleeplessness
They had a plateful of hope for survival
During their last meal days ago
They fight with all their energy, though its scarce
Conflicting the invisible Demons of Insomnia

I get a thought in my head
"What if..."
No end to the question
So no beginning to the answer
I leave the query to...

Repeat Chorus

Sleeplessness is our friend
Though we spereate from time to time
I'm still a night-time specialist dealing out disaster
Though slumber is upon my weary mind
I'm still a proud warrior

Repeat Chorus

Hope it is enjoyed by the likes of all of you. Have a good day. Lates
Well, there was good and there was bad. I admit after re reading it that verse two is a little out there. But hey, I wrote this during a pretty bad trip, so how bout some slack huh folks? But thanks to the positive feedback. I'll get to critting back later today...gotta go to work.