I have looking for a new guitar for quite sometime now, I started out looking for one specific guitar, after failing to find the specific one (im looking for a used one so its cheaper) I decided to branch out and look for a variety of guitars. I found a guy who has a LTD M-100 and a Jackson JS-30RR. He is asking 400$ for the LTD and 280$ (CAN$) for the Jackson. I'd prefer the Floyd on the LTD, but for 400$! i might aswell buy it new. The Jackson seems allright. I guess I could live without a whammy. Anyways what do you guys think? This is only my second guitar. Should i go for any of them or keep on looking. (it's hard to find good used guitars where I live)
You can get better for that money anyways.
The LTD is agathis and LFR = crap
and the JS-30RR is just cheap
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im on my second guitar too...im goin with Ibanez GR370DX...with floyd rose...$400 canadian...id go with ibanez...much better