hey all, i have an epi les paul special II and want to strip it and spray a EVH 5150 design on it. now i know pretty much what to do but, i see many terms on here that people seem to be using interchangeably.
grainfiller does just that, it fills the grain and smoothes out the paintable surface, i would have no need for it because the factory would already have done that for me with the first finish. right?

Sealer apparently does the same thing as primer, it gives you a better surface to paint on correct? now what exactly is sealer, is it like a clear coat?

Clearcoat is a lacquer that protects your finish correct? it is a laqcuer-based substance that is transparent right?

if this is right or wrong i would appreciate some insight thanks.
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i beilieve sealer is a clear primer, but i'm not sure, since that doesn't make much sense
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