alright, my jag stang, its pissing me off, i lvoe the single coil, but the humbucker in the bridge jstu isn't enough out put for me, so, my question to you guys is, who thinks i should bite the bulet and swap it, or keep the original 1994 fender hunmbucker in there becasue thats jsut the right hitng to do huh?
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pickups and humbuckers are meant to be changed in and out if wanted to. If you love the single coil, go for that sound. It's up to you, you shouldn't make us decide for you lol.
is it possible to just switch the pickups, and keep the old one so if u wanna sell it or keep it at a high value, then you could just put it back in? or would u have to do any fixing?
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If you play it a lot and are like me who wants it to sound good then change the pickups. But it you bought as a collectors item then keep it original i guess
You can always switch the pickups back right? I've seen quite a few sales for vintage guitars that they have changed the pickups but still include the original within the deal and people don't seem to mind.
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What kind of retarded question is this? The point of the guitar is it's sound, not how "vintage" it looks. Christ.
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What kind of retarded question is this? The point of the guitar is it's sound, not how "vintage" it looks. Christ.

I agree. If it really was vinatage I could see why, but 1994 isn't exactly an antique.
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I'd swap it. You can always switch it back.
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actually better quality pickups would probably increase the resale value of that guitar.. If the guitar was 40 or 50 years old, then no, i wouldent mess with it, but your 94 isnt worth anymore than it was back in 94.. Plus if you love the guitar you wont ever sell it anyway, so just do whatever you want with it and enjoy it.
If you're planning on selling it, keep the pickups. If you're not gonna sell it for a while, then swap 'em. I would still keep the old ones, so you can switch them back in when and if you want to sell it.