Ok so when People like John Butler and Justin King do the Taping hammer on/Pull off thing how do they it to ring out so load...When I do it its very very soft no one can hear it.

ask_withnail posted a Video in an earlier thread of a guy playing with a paint brush (I think his name was John Danley) but the in the into he was tapping...i know there were mikes for him but it got me thinking...how...so any one know?
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1 reason might be that u dont have an acoustic with an amp.
Another might be that tapping sounds better on electric and rings louder.
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their guitars are in a low tuning plus their fingers tap like hard just like tapping on wood
lots of practice is the main thing. you gotta fiddle around with this a TON to get a good grasp of how to get the best sound out of tapping on an acoustic. as everyone else said, it helps a great deal to have an acoustic-electric. you can tap on an acoustic but it's not terribly loud and it won't be very audible unless you are either really really good at it (i.e. john butler and justin king) or if you are in complete silence. the other reason that these guys seem so profficient is that they are playing in different tunings. i'm guessing that you are referring to ocean by john butler since that seems to be about the only john butler song anyone on these forums actually knows. if so, ocean is played in open c (cgcgce). tune your guitar to open c and start tapping around, you'll find out it's alot easier because other than the 1st and 2nd strings, your guitar is tuned much lower. just king does the same thing. try tuning to some open suspended chords for justin kingish stuff.
When I tap it's just as loud as when I strum. The key thing is that you want all of the strings vibrating just a little bit all the time. Ever notice how Justin King quickly, and very lightly, taps his fingers on the body of his guitar before he starts to play? He is getting the strings going so that when he starts to play the strings will make more noise.

Having the action just right is also very important. Low action makes it so you can't get enough momentom and therfore the strings won't ring out. Action that is too high means you have to spend too much time pushing the string down and it mutes out befor the string hits the fret. Most people that play these styles like action that is slightly higher than your "average" guitar player.

You have to get really good at snaping your finger into place rather than simply moving them.
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jimtaka I knew about the tuning thing and yes i was referring to ocean cuz... it IS the only song i know...MY action may be a lil high anyways so ill fix that