i was woundering if any of you guys have played the ibanez sr305dx or herd about it. it sounds really really nice and has a nice neck. i just wanted to know if it was nice or what. i have some links of it, it might not be the best looking but it sounds really nice. just wanted to know what you guys thought about it. thanks!!!!



well, on the whole, Ibanez basses and guitars are usually pretty good values, and are reliable instruments...I've played my share of Ibanez basses including SRs, BTBs, EDBs and a GSR...I've never played a SRX or DX though...so i cant comment on that specific bass but I've read a few reviews of it and I checked out the specs on it and it seems good...I would prefer an active bass made of a different wood though, but thats just me...

and if you've played it and it feels/sounds/seems right to you then go ahead and get it!
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well...im not sure about the 305 but im planning on buying a sr405 pretty soon....
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I have a SR300DX and I'm fairly happy with it, I would have liked to get the SR500 (I will end up getting the SR506) but it is very good value for money, having Active EQ/P-J Pickups and all. I would say a very good beginner bass, but if you save up a bit go for the SR505 instead of the SR305.