Ok so basically heres whats goin on...I play guitar and have been for a couple of years.... my best friend plays bass and has been for about the same amount of time as me. We have been best friends since like 2nd grade (11th grade now) people know we r best friends.. like if i am seen somewhere they always ask where he is basically we r like brothers. So we have tried starting a band for a good part of a year now. and we never could find a decent drummer. Finally the best drummer in our town approached us and said we should jam sometime (about 2 weeks ago) So i was like finally we r gonna have an awesome band. Then today i hear that drummer has started another band with his buddies and now im back where i started. Ok so now its just me and my best friend. Hes a good bassist but he also sounds pretty good on drums (my uncle has a set we use in his basement) Now whenever we get together to jam we just kinda sit there not knowing what to do i try to get somethin started and he may add some rhythm on his bass but we never get any where. we are deffinetly lacking some motivation mostly on his part, i try to write songs or suggest covers but he just shrugs and plays a tool riff or something. Plus im really into punk/alt/ska and hes into the heavier metal stuff.Ok enough with the background info heres my problem/question(s)

1) Should I just stick it out and hopefully we get somewhere?
2) Should i have my best friend switch over to drums and find another bassist? (there are tons of them in my town)
3) Should I start another band with out him that has more of a style i want (our tastes are definetly clashing) but i also risk losing my best friend in the whole world?
4) Any tips for some motivation to get started?(kinda goes with number 1)

Im pretty much in a rut rite now and have no idea what to do ANY advice or anything will be greatly appreciated.
Tell your friend to play drums - playing drums helps develop more rhythm in people and would help when you start writing your own songs as he'd have that understanding of drums.

Find an open minded bassist from the area and also teach him drums - this way you can have them switching places from one set of songs to another. Being a bassist he should be content with drums whereas most guitarists would be above drums.

Good luck with your band - I know how hard it is to find a drummer, that's why at one point I learnt to help out a band, I'm laos going to jam with a drummer today and I'm also trying to get him to sing one of our songs if we get a band together ( the other guitarist won't be there - is ill ).

The more instruments a person can play the better a musician and songwriter they will be.
It's the complete opposite with me. Drummers are everywhere, but I have to get bassists hours away to play with us. But yeah, do what he said.
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In my area, it's not hard to find other musicians. The hard part is finding ones that want to be in a band. Many of them are slackers who are bedroom musicians and aren't willing to practice. Or my favorites are the ones who are scared to audition.

Here's what I think you should do:

It sounds like you've never been in a real band before, so at this "early" stage I would recommend playing with as many different people and styles as possible. Then I recommend auditioning for every band you see open in the area. Doesn't matter how old they are or what style, just go to the audition. Try to join a band that already exist, preferrablly on your level.

During this time, still jam with your friend once a week and start bringing other musicians to the basement regardless of what instrument they play. Make a list of 10 easy covers and present them to your friend just saying "back-up" Trust me.. you'll want to know some easy covers because they could come up in any situation.

See what happens with joining another band, but also if you seem to find a drummer (or bassist if he switches) you can form something from there. Or have 2 bands going at once like I have. Also you may get lucky. A previous incarnation of one of my bands formed when the bassist and rhythm guitarist posted an ad and my friends who were looking for a bassist and rhythm guitarist replied to it.
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