will it mess it up? I know it will if its bass on a guitar amp ,when its loud.
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no, I used to do it all the time.
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It will mess up if its bass guitar with an electric amp because electric amps can't handle the low frequiencies. Sorry for going off topic^^
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Actually, I've done both (don't listen to people who haven't)

Running a guitar through a bass amp is safe,
and it creates an interesting new tone that could breathe life into your style and creativity..

Now, Running a Bass through a Guitar amp has yet to kill any of my amps,
but it just doesn't sound good, so running it through a bass amp is better...
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Lacuna Coil (Or how ever you spell it) There guitarist use 7 string guitars With A bass Amp head Pump't thru A guitar amp on some songs its an awesome Sound, Oh And I tryed my P-bass Thru a crappy Marshall Practice Amp for the heck of it and it sounded ok (NOT GREAT) but ok, needless to say I'll stick with my bass amp,
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