This is my version of (I'm tempted to say Pearl Jam's, but I know they didn't write it) Last Kiss. Not the best recording quality and I know there are some mistakes with being on pitch and all that junk, but please listen and tell me what you think, thanks.

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Ok. I Love this song, Pear Jam verson! You Did a great job.. Vocals Sound good!! Guitar Sounds Good!! a couple of phrasing problems but nothin extream. Id watch this live and probably enjoy it with just a touch of reverb.. Lot of potential in the voice!!

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great job, sounded excellent. one of my favorites. checked out wake me up when sept. ends as well, cause i'm a sucker for hearing people do greenday covers. it was a little slow, other than that, it sounded great.

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My favorite Pearl jam song, and it sounds very good. I also like to sing that song, maybe I'll post mine tomorrow and get some crits, since I've never sung in front of any one.