I was thinking of getting this guitar can anyone give me some info on it if they have it or have tried it
I had a fender Cyclone 2, 3 single coils, All On there own switch so you could Have all three on if you wanted, I loved that guitar but I never used it so I traded it , As for cyclone 1's I would think its a good guitar , Same thing only, Humbucker pup in bridge and single In the neck, I miss my cyclone...
I am not familar with it at all, but it looks like a Mustang with a humbucker. I have a Mustang with Quarterpound SD pickups and love it, I dont see why a Cyclone would be a bad choice.
Also with that Humbucker/single coil Combo, You could get Some good sounds out of it But be sure to check tout the guitar when you get it, I had to do some work on mine, but still.......I MISS MY CYCLONE!!!! ... I'm ok now
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theyre awesome!! the downside is that it used a lot of special parts so its not as compatible as a strat/les paul

but do NOT get a squier cyclone!!
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