Im new to writing music and this is something I came up with a couple of days ago I like it but then i wrote it so of course i like it but what do you guys/girls think...
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That was pretty good. The two guitars seemed to work well and sounded good together. It had a nice feel and rythmn to it. You should definately consider adding to it. Personally I didn't like the ending but slides never sound good in Midi.

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i liked it but yeah dont understand the end but it probably makes more sense than mine check it out if you have guitar pro https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=403428

edit dont look at that look at my newer one which is an improvement if you have guitar pro and the time
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I really liked almost the entire song. It sounded really good when Guitar 3 started playing chords while Guitars 1 and 2 played a theme similar in style, but not in sound to the intro. Everything worked fairly well with me, even in the time signature changes. Those can be awkward, but you handled them well. The one thing that didn't work for me is, you guessed it, the ending. The change of tempo is a little to sudden, and it seems as if this part of the song doesn't really fit. It doesn't share any thematic resemblances to the rest of the song, and feels a little tacked-on. However, with a few small changes, that ending could change from not working well to amazing. Great song, loved the intro tune that was also strewn about within the song. Could you crit mine? It's in the sig, thanks. And keep up the good work!
i liked the two guitars combined, had a really good flow to it, especially bar 5. I didnt really like the ending though. I dont think it really fit with the whole song and it kind of ended abruptly, but other than that it was cool
I just threw in that ending...I was going to make it a solo thing but i decided not to so i left it there...Im going to fix it soon
Ok so I have now added an Ending to this song?I know that Measure 25-27 are kind of bland and boring but I couldn?t come up with a really good build up to the last part any ideas?
Hope for the end.zip
i didn't care for that last part
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