OK so up until about a year ago i never really heard a bass before.I always thought it was the same as aguitar.Then i hear one but every one i hear sounded the same and bass sounded boring to me.But recently i watched papa roaches live and murderous in chicago dvd.That made me fall in love with bass.Expessually the song Harder than a coffin nail.I've never heard a bass played high like that.Then i started playing my guitar like a bass and detuning the first string, putting my amp to clean, and turning bass all the way up.So i figured i should actually by a real bass.To maka guitar sound good you have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your guitar sound good($1000 amps,$500 guitars,and tons on effects)So i have a few questions

I dont really want to spend more than 300usd on a bass and amp.
I dont really know about sound but id like my bass to have a papa roach tone

1.What bass should i get(prefferably a 5 string)
2.Should i learn on a four string first?
3.what amp?
4.is there such thing as playing metal on bass?
5.are there such things as bass solos?
6.can you play more than one string at a time?

thank you to anyone that took time to read that.
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1) a Squire p-bass Is good to see if you'll stick with it, here: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Affinity-Series-P-Bass?sku=510424
2) Maybe it might be a good idea to start out On a 4 string but heres one anyway: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Standard-P-Bass-Special-5-5String-Bass?sku=510581
3) Fender makes good affordable bass amps, Heres mine I think :http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Bassman-100-Combo-Amp?sku=480871
4) Yes
5) yes
6) yes but it sounds muddy The bassist of leaves eyes plays whole Chords on his 5 string But it doesn't sound that good,
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Papa Roach is definately one of those bands where the bass is doing way cooler **** than the guitar.
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5. Enjoy

dunno the others, sorry
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1) Squire p bass, probably with the amp with it
2) Yes. 4-string first.
3) Cheaper 15w, one should come with a combo pack with the bass.
4) Yes. Metal bands do have bassists...
5) Yes. Metallica (Cliff Burton) - Anestasia Pulling Teeth, Primus (Les Claypool) - The Awakening and many other songs...I could go on, but meh.
6) Yes.
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I think everyone else here has pretty much covered the 6 questions, so I'll help with the buying of the bass/tone.
I'm not familiar with the "Papa Roach tone", but this might help:
That shows every peice of gear he uses. It is definatly not within your $300 pricerange, but It is a start.

I suggest an SX bass (Lakland can be compared to SX basses), and as far as amps go, try getting an SWR combo. The lowest price for an Ampeg you can get is the 50W 12 inch speaker at $389.

I would suggest this bass:
With this amp:
The total will be pushing $340, but I think that extra $40 will really get you something decent to start with.
In fact, I think guitar gear is much cheaper than bass gear. A set of bass strings costs $20-$30, and a set of guitar strings costs $3-$10.

Bass is a ton of fun once you get going, so have fun and good luck!

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I dont really want to spend more than 300usd on a bass and amp.
I dont really know about sound but id like my bass to have a papa roach tone

Only spending $300 for a bass & amp won't really give you many options. Your best bet will be to find a beginners package.

Should i learn on a four string first?
It's not necessary to learn on a 4 stringer. If you get a 5ver, it will work just as good.
is there such thing as playing metal on bass?
Just about every metal band has a bassplayer. So yes, there is such a thing.
are there such things as bass solos?
Bass solos are very common.
can you play more than one string at a time?
Yes you can.
Listen to as much Rush as you can get your hands on... and playing more than one string at a time doesnt always sound muddy...
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I take back what I said about playing chords on a bass sounding muddy, I just realized that justin Chancellor Of tool plays chords On his bass in a few songs (such as sober) Sounds great,

...thats all
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5. Enjoy

at around 2 minutes in the video, does anyone have a tab of that part? i love to way it sounds

and now to relavance

2.Should i learn on a four string first? you dont have to the five string adds a lower B string but its not that much different then a 4
3.what amp? stay away from crate, but that is my personal preference, i'm not pleased with the tone i get from a crate
4.is there such thing as playing metal on bass? definatly Dream Theater and Metallica (old school yo) and Megadeth (for Megadeth i recommend getting Rust In Peace, great album, tones of great bass stuff and guitar stuff)
5.are there such things as bass solos? Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden has a pretty sweet bass solo, for shred bass look up Billy Sheehan(sp?) and for the more melodic stuff go Victor Wooten
6.can you play more than one string at a time? definatly, just dont strum because it doesnt sound that good all the time
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