hey everyone, I have a Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-4 Bass and was wondering what pick ups would fit/be best.

I play more metal/hardcore/post hardcore/rock.

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Schecter Stilleto Deluxe bass
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the ones that are in it shoudl be completely fine...
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EMG-HZs should be a perfect fit, that's what they put in the elite and custom stilettos. Or you could just go get an Elite. I'll spare you the usual rant and just say this. Black Cherry Stiletto Elite-4 > all.
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get the dimensions (from the website or measure em yourself) and take your pick from one of these sites...

try some bartolinis or something, maybe some EMG (Hzs) like Fett said..

also look at where the pickups have their holes for the screws...
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