Right am gettin the impression that most metalheads around here prefer EMG actives but what about others like the duncan model pick ups? like the SH-6 Distortion pick ups (passive) which I 'm thinking of getting for my guitar, (since I was told EMG's wouldnt do well on an agathis body) How do you think those pick ups would fair in heavy metal syles?
I play ALL Seymour Duncan, I put 'em into everything. I'm mainly a metal guy, hard rock too. As long as something's not gunna give ya feedback, I say try 'er. People always try to say what's gunna "sound good", butt hen you just get the same sound as someone else. Experimentation is important.
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Experimentation is important.

im gunna sig that....not funny, but insparational.....xsacrigex are you jesus?
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im gunna sig that....not funny, but insparational.....xsacrigex are you jesus?

No, but by the quote he might be gay....

Check out Dimarzio too, both have their super metal pickups.
is there a chance some peoples whos balls have dropped can answer this thread please? thankyou
dude it was a joke, dont be so anal retensive

anywayz, everyone has their own preference. Yea EMG's are known for that crunchy distortion metal sound, I havnt used any seymor's distortion pickups..

But seymor duncan knows their ****
If you have a cheapish guitar, I'd just get swinesheads since you're in the UK. You'll save money, and they'll sound better than those duncans to boot.

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