Alright, so I don't really know much about strings..

I'm buying a new pack of Ernie Ball's tomorrow, and I don't know what size to get.

I usually play in Drop-D and C.

I heard 11's would be best.. but I can't remember if the higher the gauge the thicker the string, or if it's the other way around.

So, I'm just wondering what size I should get.

Thanks, I appreciate it.
Drop D or C?

Probably .012s and .013s would be very comfortable, since you are going for the deeper sound, .011s might be too thin, it's a price to pay.
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But Slinkies arent really metal strings. Maybe Boomers or something..

I use slinkies and i play metal they work fine. You could use Ernie balls 10-52 i for get what its called Hybrid SLinky i think they are great and will have no problem playing Drop C
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They are called skinny top heavy bottom

I'd prefer D'addario's med top heavy bottom, but again, strings are too thin for my taste, .012s are the minimum i can stand.
Man anything over those Skinny Top Heavey Bottom is just to big for me what tunning do you play in
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Lol, I use .015s, i play in drop c, drop a, and drop e (as in an octave lower)

a fun thing i do is to set my eq to 10-0-0
and watch my cat explode.
The gauges are custom set, and i made it heavy top, and insanely heavy bottom, its .070.
I know, crazy.
Zakk Wylde plays with a 70 in Drop A still kinda nuts though
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Okay. Thanks to those who actually tried helping me.

I haven't gone to pick them up yet. So when I do, I'll pick up some 0.12's.

But, what kind should I pick up? Someone mentioned 'Boomers'..
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