My friends and i are starting a band but were all guitarist so one of them agreed to buy a bass so were wondering if its worth spending a little extra for a 5-string bass
that is all preference... bu ti Prefer mine over a 4 string version
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The type of music you will be playing or the postition that the bass will be filling also comes into play.
i have a four string bass. i'm soon upgrading to a five string because all of the songs i want to play require a five string. plus its good to have an extra string. a four string is good but i would recomend a five just the same.
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a 4 string is a good idea, get's him used to using his fingers, but my preference for a bass at my level would be a 5 with a high C or a 6 string bass
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Quote by stratkat
My friends and i are starting a band but were all guitarist so one of them agreed to buy a bass so were wondering if its worth spending a little extra for a 5-string bass

it sort of depends what type of music your goin to playand the sound you want, if your playing punk, take the four string, if your playing metal, take the 5 string for the deeper string
depends on what type of music u play, if ur playing more of the heavy metal, get a 5 for the low end B string...but really its only 5 new notes no biggy...get it if u want it, they just cost more.
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i am in a metal band and i got a 5 string for my first bass. I'll admit that I almost never use it at all. It's just a built in thumbrest to me most of the time. Although lately as my skill has increased in writing i do tend to use the low B every once in a while. Now i've ordered a schecter and decided to go for just 4 strings cuz i do play a little faster on a four string. By little I mean very little.

Anyways, like others said if you're playing punk almost definitely get the four string and otherwise if you have the money for the extra string have the guitarist sit down with a four and a five string and see which he thinks feels better. The 4strings neck will be closer to a guitars neck width but if he's up for the extra work of incorporating a 5th go for it. I want to see the day when a 6string bass is standard so that ignorant people can't say bass is easier because it has less strings.
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