Lookin' for a great guitar for Hard Rock/Metal that can also handle Classic Rock. Something with a good double-locking trem, something that I could get a low action with, and something with DECENT pickups, so I could have time to save up to get new pickups.

A small thing I want, which isn't really important, is a pickguard. I played my friends RG350, and it felt cool with the pickguard on it

No real brand preference other than Ibanez.

Budget: Under $1,000, but i'd like it to be closer to $500 than $1,000.

I was looking at the RG1570 at $800 as my high end option. Lookin' at the S470 as my mid-level option. And I was looking at the RG350 as my cheapest option

As far as I'm aware, only played the S470 and a very similar RG (320FM) all three of those are pretty good choices considering all the things you mentioned, although a fair number of people badmouth the Edge III tremolo (on the RG350) but my friends one seems perfectly okay, as for the other tremolos, ZR (S470) and Edge Pro (rg1570) I think they're both damn good. Maybe try out some schecters too? or a jackson or two? or an ESP LTD? just a few suggestions
Thank you, for reading the posting rules on "Which Guitar to Get." The S470 is a good guitar, but comes with stock ibanez pickups, or, if you're looking at a new one, i believe all the new ibanez's come with "Duncan Designed" pickups.

A guitar i suggest....Washburn X40. I believe it's in your price range, double locking trem, duncan 59 and distortion distortion, 24 frets on rosewood and a maple neck.
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s470. seriously, the most kick-ass guitar EVER. if it only had 24 frets...
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The S470 does look nice. The inlays are weird, i'd rather have dots or sharktooth, but whatever. Would I have to change the pups?
So for a $500 budget, go for the S470, and for a $1,000 budget, get the RG1570?

Whats the difference between those two?
Rg1570 is the beginner of all Prestige models i have it and it plays like a dream. RG1570 is made in japan they level out or surpass made in USA ones (maybe people say that cuz of Gibsons quality control....) and the rg1570 has a very reliable Edge named Edge Pro. But the s470 or s520 or even the prestige S series is very good. But i heard some bad stuff about the prestige s since the quality isnt really that good cuz its made in korea lalala.

But Rg1570 is the way u would want to go....seriously i have it too, but also try check some high end LTDs or ESPs they good too!
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