So, I decided to compose a song using a notation program (Finale), and here it is. It's my first time doing a midi song like this (I usually record manually), so sorry if it sounds kind of amateurish


It's entitled, "Malophonious".

Crit for crit
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Really cool.. I would love to hear your made the same tune with a cool Piano (clean sound) and maybe less synth or turn the volume down on it..

But cool tune u made there 8/10

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^ Ah, yes, the arpeggios are kind of overbearingly loud

Unfortunately I can't lower the volume of one instrument unless I lower them all...

I took a listen to Space Jam. Cool stuff, lots of out-of-this world sounds XD

Did you do that with a keyboard or something? Cause it sounds really cool; could even be used as background music for some weird sci-fi movie
heh, pretty good... I especially like the beginning. I'm also watching pee wee's big adventure and right when I turned your song on the scene came on where he realizes someone stole his bike. it fit perfectly. I don't really have much advice to give... all I can say is I'd add some sort of percussion somewhere. nothing major, just some hi hats or a shaker or something in certain areas--but that's just me.

if you could crit mine, I'd appreciate it!

Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
^ Yeah, I think this would definitely benefit from some percussion. Unfortunatey, Finale doesn't allow you to add any extra instruments once you've started composing a song