thats not about it, i know he uses the natural minor and the minor pentatonic and i know he uses others i just can't figure out what they are, thanks for trying though
No he really basically just uses the pentatonic minor for soloing with some chromatic passing tones, and in certain songs he'll modulate, like in Californication it goes from Am to A major, but generally speaking its pretty much 95% pentatonic minor.
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yeah dude, if it's rock, think minor pentatonic 99% of the time, not to bash rock or anything, that's just the way it is.
if you listen to his solo work, he bases almost all his chord progressions on the major scale or mixalydian mode, anouther good example being under the bridge.
Costache Caragi is right. He uses a lot of mixalydian, minor and major scales
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