Hey kids.

Well before I succumbed to writers block, I managed to get 4 full lines of lyrics...Whoopdy-doo...But I want you guys to tell me if so far it's ok or not, so I know if I should start from scratch or just keep at it.

Ok the background of these 4 lines is, I'm really falling for this girl (cliched, I know), but she is taken buy this real asshole, but sometimes me and the girl hit it off real well, and I get the casual catch of the eye. And they are going through alot of problems right now...

I'll post the whole thing when I'm done...Someone wunna inspire me?


So won't you tell me; when everything ends,
Will you just pick it up and start again?
It's not like I plan on cutting in,
But patience only grows so thin.


Yeah not much. Think about it from my point of view though...HALP.
New lines...Thank God..

You sit with shadow in your eyes,
in the arms of another guy.
Is it sad that this is true;
I'd go years for a minute with you.
I like the first part. Not to fond of the second one. Dont worry about adding. It will just come to you when u feel it. I do that all the time. I only come up with four lines and then come up with another four until a long while afterward.