So my dads birthday is coming up and i though it would be good if i made something nice. Now he has collected and restored valve radios for years so i though he'd like it if i made him a radio. I'm making the case out of some nice hardwood so the case won't be an issue.

Could someone please help me find a simple valve radio circuit, I know this is kind of a long shot on a guitar forum but i though one of you amp guys might know abit about radios. I do have electronics experience i can wire a guitar pretty easily and have built a few pedals.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I've built an AM radio before just as a simple project...AM radio stuff is really simple, but FM is substantially more complex.

Anyways, as far as things go, I'm guessing you want to avoid all kinds of wierd tubes and components and just go with readily made stuff or what? I'd personally suggest basing it off a very simple guitar amp like a Fender Champ or so. If you want more headroom, you can use a 6L6 instead of a 6V6. YThe preamp will start distorting as you turn it up, some negative feedback and reworking of the preamp stage will probably be necessary to some degree.

Forgot to ask before, do you want stereo? Stereo means that you basically need to build two amps.

That's my input on the amp part...about building the tuner and crap, TBH I'd build it SS just to save cash. I have no idea how to do that anyway though.
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The radio probably wont be used so i'll settle for something that when it's turned on it will make some sort of sound I'll probably build the receiver and such SS and build a simple valve amp. Readily made stuff would be good if it's decent price.