I just recently got myself a new guitar. Its good for my style and for my experience level, but I also have my first guitar, a bronze series Warlock, a piece of **** that I only bought because I was a total noob when I bought my first guitar.But now that I know that tone actually matters, my question is, is there any salvation for my old Warlock, or would it just be a better idea to get rid of it? If I do keep it, what kind of pickups would you recomend I install for rock/metal, and are there any other things I should look into to get it sounding better? Im not totally sure, but I think the body is agathis.
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Give it to me, mail it, I will pay for the shipping, honestly.

It's just firewood (agathis burns well) that holds wires and a few scraps of metal.

If you do want to be a miserable old midget and not give it to me (j/k), take the tuners, knobs, pots, pickups and everything else (basically degutting it)
To be honest man it is not really a good enough guitar to start changing around. It will probarly fall apart and the metal is pretty soft. After a while the body will start to show what it is really like, you would most probarly regret it. Why dont you spend your money on your good guitar or a amp? or even better some effects?
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The Bronze Warlock isn't a great guitar, but it isn't completely useless. I have a cheapo Ibanez, and even though it sounds like crap, its a good guitar for when I'm just sitting in front of the TV noodling around with it. Basically, don't sink any money into it, but you shouldn't just throw it away.
I agree with N I N, even a crap guitar can always be used for just noodling around unplugged or somethin. You could always use it just to practice a paintjob or something too if you ever decide to upgrade a better guitar.
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Thanks for the advice guys. This was more of a 'planning for the future' question, mostly becuase I like playing in both standard, and half step down, but my new guitar has a Floyd Rose, so im stuck with it being my alternate tunings guitar until I get another hardtail (or I get a tremol-no, which im thinking about). When I finally get one, ill probably end up selling the BC rich or sticking it in my closet for the rest of time.
My cousin actually has a Bronze Warlock that he got as a first guitar. His is in suprisingly good condition for the fact that he got it when he was 11, so its a couple years old now. But he dropped in a set of EMG's and it actually sounds really nice. The body isnt really to my liking but it does produce a good sound. I think it more depends on the pick ups then the wood, in some VERY, VERY rare cases. Plus the fact that he plays punk or something and basically just hammers away on it.
Hmm, actually, I think the wood makes a big difference in tone. You can drop a $120 worth of pickups into a plywood guitar (and even though it will sound a little better), its still not going to sound that great.
Like I said, its only in VERY rare cases. But it depends on style of music. If people listening to him play cant actually here the tone and intonation of his guitar, then it really dont matter now would it. No body who plays punk or what have you will really be able to hear tone anyway.