Time to come alive again
A visit from a distant path
You are faintly familiar with
An accomplishment from above

Dive into the water of pain
Sink until you cannot breathe
You face falls from rain
Drown in the canyon you seek

Hang from the ledge in which you dream
As your canvas mixes to gray
Sew together your broken seams
You're in no state but to stay
Here with me

Combine your troubles into one
A mixture of faith and pain
A feeling never felt so alone
So try to wash out the taste
But your heart for me will always remain

Circles and dots revive yourself
Instrumental beats aren't ever enough
To hang me from your broken shelves
I'm just a matter of busted stuff

So sing your familiar songs
That you keep safe and hidden
From all turns gone wrong
A fear locked up we call forbidden

I wish of lines to keep you together
Instead of a vague puzzle in front of me
Take some pieces from a bird's feather
To fly away and become free

The muted strings call it all out
But I can still hear you out loud
Like the apple in the roasting pigs mouth
That dies with a cuase and oh so proud

A certainty never felt right
But a noticeable moon tonight
Called me out to play
So I sit on the dock
Near the lovers bay

Ghosts cry because they know
Their hearts went astray
Somewhere between rain and snow
When the only hope left is to pray

I now know you are only a spirit in melody
That haunts me in places i can't find
You're simply a ghost lost in my mind
That put a dreamer's heart in jeopardy

As always thank you for the responses and i try to critique all that leave me something. Peace and love in a world of hate!
It was good. I liked it. It was different and it didn't seemed cliche IMO. Nice job.