Mrs. Candypocket

I´m here to introduce
one who´s been seen but never mentioned
she´s the woman in the kitchen
a silent killer living in your home

Her sweets will be your fall
She will feed you all to death
With love.

She says "Bigboy have another helping"
(she loves him)
She makes them cookies every day
(she loves them)
Her husband died of heart-attack
(she loved him)
But she never understood that

Her sweets became his fall
She will feed them all to death
With love.

(instrumental part)

Now you call her evil,
but that´s just so unfair
She never wants to hurt them
She just wants to be aware, that everyone is full

Her sweets will be our fall
She will feed us all to death
With love.

Oh, Mrs. Candypocket, lonely in the world
no you could never stop to feed them
and now you´re next in turn
Just eat to fight the sorrow and you will meet them soon

Her sweets became her fall
She has fed herself to death

And all the love is gone
Some live, some die. And the rest of us just keep fighting eachother.
Damn this was a creepy song. But it was also very original. I never seen anything written like this, but strangely I like it. Keep up the good work!

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Pardon me if I interpret this wrong but it's a song about obesity and you guys are stupid. You act like it's some kind of wierd fetish, the woman is quite obviously a metaphor. About how people eat themselves to death. A rather simplistic messege. How the hell is it disturbing? As a song it was alright, I didn't find the messege particularly interesting and thereofre wasn't very interested. But is was generally pretty well written.

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