Hello.. My question is: said that i played the chords G & C just strumming up and down, wich scale sould i use? to make a solo over this chords. ( I know the pentatonic scale, but where on the guitar sould i play the pentatonic?) Sould i learn some other scales?

Thanks for helping me!
i dont exactly know what u mean but just learn some theory, lik e orm of the major scale, the maj penta, min penta and the blues scale but be cautious of which blues and min penta you use you wouldnt just use the g blues or min penta you hav to go down three frets from your G to E and play your blues. Learn some basic techniques to-slides, hammers, pulls they all help make your playing seem smooth.
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You should aim to play whatever scale you're using on as much of the fretboard as possible - don't restrict yourself to one pattern or area.
Find a nice sounding area on the fretboard and jam something along to the rhythm