I've recently started making absurd amounts of mixes for all purposes of my life since I need a sountrack for everything I do because I'm completely insane. Well anyway to the point I want a little feedback and hopefully some help with this one named Traveler of the Stars:

1. Ivixor B / Phase Enducer (Electric Wizard)
2. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun (Pink Floyd)
3. Star Shaped Cloud (Orange Goblin)
4. Space Cadet (Kyuss)
5. Mountains of Mars (Electric Wizard)
6. Cyclops Revolution (Monster Magnet)
7. Across the Universe (The Beatles)
8. Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath)
9. The Crystal Ship (The Doors)
10. Neptune's Convoy (Fu Manchu)
11. Song of the Purple Mushroom Fish (Orange Goblin)
12. Spine of God (Monster Magnet)
13. All Friends and Kingdom Come (Monster Magnet)
14. Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin)

As you might be able to tell this is an illustration of a drug-induced trip beggining with the "Phase Enducer"(the drug) and then a vast story of space travel, all resulting in an "epifiny" of sorts (All Friends and Kingdom Come) then of course the waking up and jumping back in the real world feeling "Dazed and Confused", now my question is that I have a few artists that are repeated too much so if you guys can suggest any Trippy and Spacial songs that would be awesome.