Ive got an Ibanez RG350. I love the feel of the neck, the quality of the hardware and the weight of the guitar so I am more than happy to keep it. The only area I am unhappy with is the stock pickups are a bit muddy deep down and the pickups are quite overpowered and cause a lot of feedback.

I'm looking to replace the neck and bridge humbuckers with a pair of versatile pickups with a good all round tone. I don't shred/solo much so i'm after something with definition in chords etc. I've read some good reviews of the SD JB 59's, are there any other pickups worth looking at?

Also, when I change the pickups I intend to remove the single coil as it never gets played. Is it going to drastically affect the tone by removing the pickup, bearing in mind there's going to be a cavity behind the pickgaurd from where it lay? I will also be repositioning the volume knob so it's not so near to the bridge also.
i don't think it would affect the tone, but i personally do have a JB and 59, i love the 59 and the jb's pretty good too, but its treblyness gets kinda annoying after awhile, go to seymourduncan.com they have soundclips for all their pickups both clean and dirty with them in neck or bridge, really helpful, but i personally am replacing my jb with a duncan custom