Hey guys,

I managed to pick up an old Peavey Renown 400 off a relo' as a gift... came with some "electrical problems".

The speakers in it are fine, when hooked up to a Roland 60 they still play, however when I try to run it through the head of the amp into the speakers I get a constant loud buzzing noise which can not be controlled by the volume knobs, No guitar can be heard.

I've taken it apart, checked and re checked the wiring, checked the fuses, checked all the inputs and outputs. Generally checked over the whole board inside the amp... does anyone have any idea what might be causing this buzzing noise?

A cookie for whoever can help me get this working .
something similar happened to me a while back,where all I got was buzzing whenever i plugged in and the guitar could not be heard.It turns out mine was just a falty/broken guitar cable lead.Your problem might be more complex but you should still try use a different cable just to be sure that's not it.
i'm not totally sure what kind of amp head that is...but if it has tubes...that most likely your problem.

bad preamp tubes and power amp tubes will give a whicked hiss that you can barely play over when they are bad.

change them.
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It's not a tube amp, thanks for the advice though. All valve amp.

Gonna muck around with it a bit more today... well let you guys know if I happen to fix the problem.
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