im going out to guitar center and thinking about some pedals. i don't have any because i am financially challenged and i know that i want a wah and maybe a distortion/od. i have a few questions. does guitar center sell the jekyll and hyde pedal from visual sound? ive heard alot of good things and want to try it out. and it is a distortion and an od right? i need both because i have a solid state now but im gonna be getting a jcm 900 in a couple of months. but i basically want to know about the jekyll and hyde.
I doubt it, atleast my local guitar center has a lousy selection of pedals.
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GC doesn't sell the Jekyl & Hyde. If you want it you're probably going to have to buy it online.
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I've never seen the Jeckyll and Hyde there. However I just recently bought one from a UG member in the Gear Ads forum. I first used it on my Line 6 Spider II 112, and it sounded crappy and buzzy, kinda cheap. Then I bought an all tube amp, Fender Blues Deville 212, and oh man does it ever growl. It's unbelievable. It most likely won't sound too great on your solid state, but I got an AWESOME tone using the overdrive (Jeckyll) on my Line 6. The distortion wasn't too hot. But if you are using it for your JCM, I'd say go for it. Just beware, you will not get a great tone right away. It takes a little tweaking, especially for the Hyde distortion side. What kind of sounds are you looking for?
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If you're getting a JCM900, I don't really think that you'll need a distortion pedal. I'd suggest just picking up a decent OD pedal (Boss SD1, Ibanez TS9/808, Maxon OD9/808).
It'll sound great for adding some bite to the clean on the JCM900 and even better for boosting your lead tone. The Jeckyll and Hyde is a pretty good pedal, but you can't get it at GC, which means you'd hve to buy online. And I really think that you won't have a use for the disortion on the pedal with a JCM.
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