Hey guys. I just stumbled upon yalls forum this morning and thought I'd check it out. So far I'm liking it. I build guitars for a living so I thought I'd stop in and let yall see what I do, and try to get my shop out there a little more (not that I really need to). but maybe I can be of some help to someone on here, and since it seems that you have a few luthiers on here already I figured I'd fit in nicely here.

Heres an example of some of my work:

This is one of my first guitars I built using a Carvin neck. But now I do the whole thing from scratch. Hopefuly yall like my work.

Thanks, John
Why thanks guys. I wasnt too sure how well I would be welcomed in here at first. But with the attitudes I've seen so far, all of which have been great and helpfull, I am really liking this forum.

Thanks, John
nice job on the guitar! is that a carvin through body neck? how does it sound because i've been thinking of trying one.

oops didn't read the bottom. but seriously, how does it sound?
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Yes its a Carvin through-body neck. It sounds amazing. The sustain is superb and it plays so fast. That guitar is by far one of my favorites.
hey! ive been thinking of trying to build a electric guitar my self and was wondering if you actually build the neck youself from a block of wood, or can you buy them, and do you buy all the electrics as well? also whats the hardest part of building the guitar is it the getting the neck to fit well and to work properly with the body of the guitar? thanks
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I love the finish on the guitar. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of your work around here!
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Now, yes, I actually build the neck. On my first few though, I just bought a pre-made neck like on the one above. You can build them from a neck blank, which they sell at any good guitar lumber dealer. But building your own neck is a little harder then you might think. There is alot of math that goes into building one. My suggestion to you is to first buy a neck and build your body so you can get down how bodies need to be made, then when your comfortable in your body making abilities try making a neck. But the hardest part, for me anyway, when I started building the whole thing form just plain wood was getting everything lined up correctly, because I dont use templates, I just use a plain old ruler and pencil. As time has gone by I've gotten alot better at "eyeballing" everything and having it line up perfectly. But starting out it was getting everything lined up. But if you've got an idea of what you want the easiest way to avoid that problem is research. Do as much research as you can before you begin then everything comes a little easier.
Looks great, and welcome, maybe well see a few threads from you one some current projects?

...that means please do so, wed all like to see it
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Tuners, Bridge and all the harware are form Carvin. Exactly which ones I dont remember as its been a while since I built that one (it was my 2nd build actually). The pickups are an old set of Fender Texas Specials I had bought for a different project and then didnt use.

But as for some other builds, I plan on building myself a new guitar pretty soon. Hopefully within the next month or so. But as for builds Im doing right now, I dont really think it would be a good idea. Most of the people I build for are either collectors or players (obviously.. sometimes Im a moron, yall will have to forgive me..lol) and the collectors I build for want guitars that no one has ever seen before and some of the players dont want them to be seen until they play them live. So, most builds go un-photo-documented, cause I guess when you pay what they pay for my guitars they kind of become "snoody", for lack of a better word, about people copying it. But I usually do a build for myself or a family member about 3 or 4 times a year and I will definatley get pics of those builds for you guys, since you seem to like my work. I may also post some other pics, if yall want, of a couple other of my first builds.

Thanks, John
^I really like your work man, are you a fan of natural finishes?
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In most cases yes. Sometimes I'll get wood that doesnt look the best when I get, or the grain isnt consistent, so in those cases I will do a solid color, but I also REALLY like transparent finishes so its got some color to it but it still shows the wood grain very nicely.

Heres actually some of my other "first work". Sorry there not actual full builds but back then I didnt take pictures until they were completely done.

This is another Carvin-based project I did.

And this was my first attempt at an arch-top. I know, I know, this one kind of sucks actually but it was my first and so far only attempt at an arch-top.
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^That archtop looks feckin' gorgeous! Congrats on building that! But no pickups for it?
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
No. I built that one for my grandfather. He's not too much into "new" technology, hence the old fashioned radio. But he wanted an archtop acoustic, like some of the ones with pickups, but in his case without electronics to worry with.
amazing guitars and welcome
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Yeah Teleprompters, I like the feel of a maple neck and the sustain of a neck through, so it seemed a likely thing to do. On my first I just tried glueing the neck in and it didnt come out well. It was a maple neck the same as the first electric I ever bought was, so I thought it would be a great transition, but the neck angle came out all wrong, and the frets buzzed horribly, so i scraped it. Now that I make guitars from chunks of wood though, I dont always get to make maple through body necks. Sometimes Im forced to make a neck and then set it. But I always seem to go back to my "roots" when I build guitars for myself.
Are you startin a new project (not a big-name, confidential sorta thing) anytime soon?
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Hopefully I'll be starting a new guitar for myself next month. I've got 3 starting Monday, and in 2 weeks when those are in paint, I've got 3 more. So as long as I dont get anymore new builds to start up next month (I've only got 1 scheduled for the week I'm talking about) I plan on starting a build for myself. So once I knock out the 6 I'm scheduled for right now, and dont get any new projects I'll be starting one next month (September). Which I'm hoping to get to do, because I've already ordered the parts for my build. I'm wanting to see how cheap I can make a quality guitar for (my new build is more for ****s and giggles then anything else). But I stumbled on a website called guitarfetish or something like that and they seemed REALLY cheap, so I'm ordering parts from them and making the body and suck out of extra wood (I order extra just in case). Im just really tired of spending $1,000 to build a guitar and want to see if I can get the same quality, to an extent, without paying as much. Cause if I can, then I could turn only $5000 profit into more on each one of my customs.
Yeah, I am using guitarfetish for all hardware, my trem, and possibly my P-90's. I don't know if I'll get them from there because I don't know if the pickups will suck.
Awesome, do you have your own shop or work out of your house or what?
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Yeah I own my own shop, but its behind my house. A little ghetto I know, but I can spend more time with my kid that way. But I used to work out of my garage until I made enough money to build the shop. I still use some of the same tools I used to use before I started making money, like I use a jig-saw instead of a band saw. My barrel sander is drill mount, but I have a drill press. And then the majority of the tools I use are all hand tools. The only real big piece of equipment I own is a drill press. But I found people take you more seriously if you have an actual "shop" for them to go to and not just your garage. But having it behind my house also make the clients feel more comfortable because it makes them feel like I trust them more and it seems to put them at ease. But like I built on for a big name country artist (well big around where Im from) and inviting him to my house made him trust me enough to pay up front instead of just putting down the deposit. So it all kind of works out in the big picture I guess.
Thats cool, glad it worked out for you. Ive made minor changes to my guitars, and have always wanted to build one, but i dont have access to the correct tools or the money to buy them (it all goes to tuition, books, and food)
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Man to be honest most of the tools you can get for about $200 bucks. Now granted thats only really for enough the basics for making 1 guitar. They can last for quite a while. But $200 is only for the absolute necessities, like a drill, a jig saw, a sander, a router, sanding blocks, fret slotting saws, and what have you. But I spent about $250 for tools when I started, since I got my drill press from my uncle for free, and I still use most of them now. So they've lasted me about 4 years. But hell you can get away without a router for a while if you dont mind extra work, by getting a decent set of chisels. Thats what I built my first guitar with. But my honest to god suggestion for you is, if your serious about wanting to build guitars, dont ever give up. Save a little bit here and there and when you get the money saved for the stuff you need and want then go for it. To me theres nothing more rewarding then making something with my bare hands that some people desire more then their life itself. And I mean that literally. I had one guy tell me he would sell his soul to me for one of my cheaper guitars. But that guy was a nut job.
I think its gonna hvae to wait until after college though, ive been just been scraping by with scholarships and money from my job. But after i graduate, ill be all over it lol
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Well good luck with college man. School is the most important thing in the world. But if I were you, I would use the time while your in school to do research on what kind of guitar you want to build and know everything about it before you even buy the first parts for it. That way when you do begin your not worrying about how it will work and how it will all fit together. Knowing how to do it before you start always makes things go along so much easier. But I do wish you the best of luck with school.
Thanks...and good luck with your...uhh...already established guitar business making 200,000 a year....
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i would much rather go to the ****ing hospital and have them surgically reattach my penis instead of slap some silly puddy on there and call 'er "mangled johnny"
Well thanks. My business is never for sure though. If customers dont talk about them then I dont get business and I would go broke. But please dont be discouraged. Trust me if I can do it then I think anyone can, especially you cause you seem to have the same love for guitar that I have and thats really all the driving force you need. But your in school and still have a passion for guitar and wanting to build your own. I have a feeling if you decide to put focus into building a guitar you may even suprise yourself with a skill you may not think you are capable of. And by that I mean one day you may be stealing business from me, at least I hope. Cause I want to see everyone with a passion succeed in what they love.