Anyone else a fan of these guys? I'd heard Get Stoned a long time ago but never really thought much of them, and on a whim decided to give them a try. Heard Lips of an Angel, and fell in love with that song! By The Way and Nothin Good About Goodbye are also pretty good songs... I think he's got a great voice.

Any opinions?
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i heard get stoned a while back
i just have to go pick up the cd now
Their first single "Get Stoned" sort of turned me off to the band. It just seems like a cheesy song for some reason, and it ruined my opinion of the band.
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Ive seen them twice live but I dont know why I went a second time, cause they suck live imo but they do have a halfway decint album
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I saw them live 2 weeks ago, it was a pretty awesome show, they are pretty good.
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I saw them live a few months ago with only hearing get stoned by them and they were pretty good live. The next week i went out and bought the album, its decent with a couple songs i liked but its the same **** every other jock rock band puts out, they had nothing really different going on for them but i probably would go see them live again.