well there are 3 guitar places near e a guitar center a classic axes and a music and arts center does or has anybody put a seymour duncan in a strat a gonna to any of those places and around how much did it cost
i got a duncan invader on my fat strat it cost 70$ for the pickup and my father installed it for me it sounds perfect
I got a Hot Rail in my strat's bridge... it cost me $65... though the pickup usually costs $70 in most places.
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About a year ago I got a Syemour Duncan Hot Rails (actually its a Duncan Performer, but made by the Seymour Duncan company) for my nephews Strat. I got his at guitar center and it only cost me $55 for the pickup. I wired it in for him but if youve never done wiring before its not too hard. Actually the Hot Rails and most Seymour Duncan pickups come with an included wiring diagram that tells you exactly how to wire them. You could just buy the ones you want them wire them fairly easy by yourself.
I've put a DiMarzio Chopper, a DiMarzio HS-3, a Lace Sensor Gold, a PRS HFS and a PRS Vintage Bass into an American Strat. I've done all the wiring myself. Wiring is something you should learn how to do, not just for the saving of money, but when you learn how to solder, you can open up a whole new world of customization projects.
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If you know how to solder, just buy the pickups and you can do it yourself. If not maybe a friend or relative knows how? I'd say taking it to the shop would be the most expensive option, therefore last resort
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