I need your help.....

I am looking for a cool guitar teacher in manhattan that knows his stuff. I am looking for someone who plays rock/metal, knows how to shred, and more importantly knows how to transfer his knewladge.

I talked to some teachers in my area. One dude, that I actaully liked wanted $70 an hour which is way to much. Is this what good teachers charge those days?

Can anyone here PLEASE recommend his OWN teacher? I am looking for someone whom I can get positive reviews on from his own actual students. I'll be interested to hear how much progress you have made since you started taking lessons. I don't want to waste my time jumping from one teacher to another. I need a cool dude, who knows how to teach (scales/improv/speed/sweep picking/theory-important). I am not looking for someone who will teach me how to read tabs.I am looking for intermidiate/advanced level lessons.