I bought my second guitar, a Samick UM3, from a seller on eBay. The guitar was brand new with the plastic still on the pickups. I won the auction for $250. About two, three months later I was in Borders bookstore and found a guitar blue book. It lists the value of guitars in various conditions. I looked up my Jackson DKMG- $650 new (what I paid). Then I looked up the Samick UM3- $700 new!!!

This is just to show you that there are great deals on eBay, but you should always read the listing carefully.
yea, you do get lucky, i got my RG320dx off ebay and it works fine.

But sometimes you never know...for instance...maybe the neck is warped.

sometimes you can never be sure.
Horror story, dont buy from chinese people. I havent but my friend bought a gibson les Paul for 1p and £120 shipping. It was fake, it was crap wood, the neck was bent, and the chinese shop owner had a fake adress. Never trust those "gibson guitar beutiful, bring luck to you and all those who you know" people. They suck. I'd buy a guitar on ebay, from america or uk seller with over 100 stars and over 97% positive. just those chinese crap people.
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eBay is a great place to buy equipment. But before you buy, look at the feedback on the seller. If the seller has a lot of negative feedback, steer away from him. But if the seller has lots of positive feedback, you should be making a good buy; and should expect the product to actually look and play like it is described.
- FJ

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i wouldnt buy a guitar for 1 penny anywayz...even if it looked legit with all the extra shipping.

Make sure to look at the users rating, if its below 90% I usually dont buy something like that from them. Unless its something little.
I've gotten 5 GREAT guitars off of ebay.
Just make sure you know what you want and the seller appears ok.
If there looks to be anything fishy about the guitar, don't bid.

And yeah, Never ever never never buy a guitar from a chinese seller.
They sell fakes all the time. You can always tell. The description is broken
English and usually has little to do with the guitar. They make ALL thier money
on the shipping charge.