I think this is the right part of the forum... where is the best place to place the amps for a band, for example the rythm guitarists, lead guitarists, bassist and vocals so that they get a good sound and don't sound messy. Ive heard somewhere that you put the bass amp infront of the bass drum?

My band has a bassist and a guitarist, our stage setup is bass rig/drums/guitar rig and the PA speakers on either side of the stage.

If you have a five piece, or four, and have 2 guitarists and a bassist, for best results, guitar rig/bass rig/drums/bass rig/guitar rig. If you can't afford two bass cabs, just do guitar rig/bass rig/drums/guitar rig, PA speakers on either side of the stage again.
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ive always put my amps in a line with my drummer in the middle. its like hes in a bubble of sound and the drums push it out. i like it that way. sometimes is preference.
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i usually keep the more rythm stuff in the middle or centered and lead instrument to the sides. just a rule of thumb more or less.
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We used to put our amps behind our drummer when we played ****ty gigs when the soundmen didn't have any monitors on stage.
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