I searched, but i couldnt find a thread about him, so i made one.

I think neil is the best, and my favourite song by him would have to be thrasher from Rust Never Sleeps.

Also i got to see neil young on stage not too long ago, along with crosby, stills and nash. That was a fukin awsome concert.
he doesn't get enough appreciation on this board. probably because 99% of the people on this forum who listen to "classic rock" lsiten to the same popular classic rock bands everyone and their monkey's uncle have liked since they were born. (IE: led zeppelin, ac/dc, the beates, etc).
I wanted to get 'Living With War,' but I always get something else instead, I'm too compulsive.

I did get 'Prarie Wind' and that kicks ass.
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I agree. He doesnt get nearly enough credit. My favorite song would have to be Down By The River
I like Neil Young but I don't like him as much as, say, Pink Floyd because I don't like the music he plays as much as I like their music. My favourite songs by him would be "Hey Hey, My My", "My My, Hey Hey" and "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World"........I think there was already a thread about him though
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I love Neil Young. Ragged Glory and Live Rust are my favorites. Don't waste your time with Living With War. Its is a good record, but not up to Young's usual standards. Its sounds like Neil just took all the first takes of the songs and put them on the record. He could have made a superb record if he took some more time with it. But instead its just merely a good record.
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^^I don't think the point of Living With War was to make a good music record...

Neil is great. I found out last night I have 19 Neil Young CDs, and I still don't have anywhere near what I want. Great songwriter, plays every type of music imaginable.
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Living With War, though it was a decent album, is definetly not my favorite by Neil. As BrainDamage said, it wasn't eniterly designed to be a musical record, but more to make a point about Bush being an ass.

I prefer Neil's grunge-rock like what he does with Crazy Horse over his acoustic stuff, but I like both.
Overall I think Neil Young has been somebody who has been successul in branching into the different types of rock. He's good when he plays with the acoustic guitar and he's good when he plays with the electric guitar. Living With War I thought was a fairly simple album but sure made its point, considering all the publicity it got. Musically its not very complex but its fun to listen to I think.
I love his stuff... very fun to cover, great to listen to. I don't mind his soloing, and sometimes even enjoy it (let's be honest, it can be sloppy almost beyong comprehension).

I also like his stuff with CSNY and Buffalo Springfield, very cool.
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I am a billion times better than Neil Young as far as guitar playing and especially soloing, but I would rather hear him than me. He is one of my favorites.

My favorite is the live version of Powderfinger from Live Rust.