right, im getting a second guitar and im on a pretty tight budget , so i was looking at these 2 guitars< any help on which one to get would be good

it costs £26 to get them sent to me in ireland so take that into acount, but i can get the sg for £229 at a local shop so it will be cheaper than sending it over from this online place.
I play rock, punk, metal, heavy metal, pop, quite a range of stuff so i need the one which is the best quality out of these 2 or which ever 1 would suit me best, i was also looking at ibanezs but i just dont find them appealing looks wise i find them overstated as in they would make ppl think that i think im great when im not, lol, but anywho, any other more suitable guitars in this price range would be helpful, thanks

by the way i prefer the look of the sg and it is cheaper,
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it all really comes down to preference...you might like the SG but i like the Les Paul. I here that SG necks are faster though so...you need to try them out both would be well suited for your influences.
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I say go for the SG. It's a better guitar than the Studio.
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Yes, SG necks are better but the Gibson SG necks are the fastest, it is a fact that Epiphone SG necks are much fatter (and I say "much" because I have a Gibson SG and I am used to the neck.)
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yeah i like the look of the sg but i dont have the money to get a gibson one, ive been told it has a faster neck and LP are notoriously slower necks than others also it would be cheaper to get the sg but has anyone played the one i have shown there, and does it sound good, im not expecting an amazing sound but anythin is better than the piece of **** encore i have jeez it is so bad, lol, and at least if i get the SG ill have some money to get a decent amp and pedal to get rid of the piece of **** bb blaster, lol
Get the SG G400
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to right sg's own i never had 1 but im sure as hell gettin this 1, just need to get the cash, couple of weeks and itll be mine then im gonna get a decent amp and a boss ds-1 pedal