I'll cut to the chase, I have a guitar with 9 gauge strings normally, but last night my strings snapped, I don't have an extra set of 9's, but I do have an extra set of 10's however...My question is, putting 10's onto a guitar that is meant for 9's would it hurt anything?

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your guitar isn't "meant" for 9, as long as you don't change from 9s to 13s you won't have a problem, and if you changed to 13's you would only need to adjust the truss rod.

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depends... some guitars hold up better than others, but i would say that replacing all 6 strings with a higher guage will definitely affect the guitar's intonation. 9's to 10's isn't that bad though. if you're just replacing one or two strings, it's no difference, really.
slap in the whole set and adjust the intonation. and 10's sound bigger and crunchier than 9's. well at least for me.
Thanks guys, that helped me out a lot, thanks again.

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it probably won't hurt your guitar, i've used 9's 10's and 11's on mine and it's fine
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Alright, thanks guys, I mean its no LP or SG, of a Flying V, it's a cheap knock off of the S-Series of Ibanez, although, the stock humbucker in it is very raunchy, and very chunky, it sounds good through my Crate stack...But I prefer 10's over 9's anyways, one of ym buddies said that to be able to get this guitar into lower tunings i'd have to have an extra spring be put in it, is this true, cuz I do playa few songs in B Standard(Almost like a 7 string)
Extra spring? I have a guitar w/ a OFR that I set at C standard, and sometimes drop it or go down to B standard, I use thick strings tho, 11, 15, 18, then I cant remember the next two, but the thickest is 60. I just have three springs in mine, if you have the money you could get it set up I suppose.
so there is no need for an extra spring in my bridge if I switch it to 10's so that I can go into B Standard, 'cuz I am broke....lol, Thanks for the help guys.

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i did the same but now the action at the nut seems to be lower than at the bridge any help?