First the Beatles songs to Micheal Jackson, wtf was that? Now he sells his first Beatles guitar to Jackson, of Barrett- Jackson car collecters auctions.
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^ If you read the article it doesn't belong to Paul, it belongs to a friend of his... wow though £330000, i'd be happy just to have that much money....
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oh his first acoustic, i thought they meant the lucky seven but then I thought didn't that thing break? Man McCartney is great.
That's quite the profit. Maybe 500CND today for rougly 750,000CND.
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First the Beatles songs to Micheal Jackson, wtf was that?

Paul ****ed up on that one. apparently him and M.J. used to be good friends, and the night before the copyrights were about to expire or go on sale or something, McCartney was talking about it to MJ, so the next day, MJ literally ****ing stole the rights from Paul.