I recently received the Line 6 TonePort UX2, and I am having some problems with it. FIrst off, I can get sound if i plug my headphones into it, but I can't get any sound from it if I'm using my computer speakers. My speakers are working fine too.

Another problem is with the included recording software, it is Ableton Live Lite 4 and I Have no idea even how to start recording, so any help with it would be appreciated.

Gracias in Advance.
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I purchased the Toneport UX2 a while back. The Ableton Live Lite 4 you recieved is just a sample, and even when you figure out how to use it you can't save or transfer your work. It's a total rip-off. My friend burned me a copy of his cakewalk software, so i use that. He said you can get it off limewire for free. As for your speaker problem, your computer speakers can be plugged into the headphone jack and should work, but they won't get very loud. I use an old stereo system.
In ableton, start by going to preferences and set the input to ASIO and to the TonePort. When it opens the screen shows four tracks, two of them being Audio tracks. When your input is properly set, press on the round record button down in the mixer part of the track. Now it should be red and the four boxes above should have round buttons instead of square ones. Now when you press the round button you start recording. You stop recording by pressing either the stop sign in the Transport, or by hitting space. Enjoy!

i got a ux1. download ableton liv lite 5. and also for the speaker thing, just plug your amp into the "phones" jack. works good for me
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