Isn't this like your 4th thread on more or less the same subject?

I hear the VS's aren't that bad (They're the older versions of the AVT's right?), Better than Marshalls other Solid states anyways. If Your price range hasn't changed then this mightn't be that bad a choice (Though for around £30 more you could get a Vox AD100VT, Though I don't know how either compares against the other)
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well i need to find out what amp to go dude, and i dont get it when u say a solid state and a tube amp, it just confuses me. Did you say that this amp would be alright?
I have no idea really, I've never played one before. I'd definately wait for someone with more experience than me to make a post here. Though from what I have heard, the older Marshall solid states are better than the new ones.

And for more information on Solid State and tube amps, look here:

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you want a Line 6 or Randall. don't get it just because it says marshall

I know this may be mean, but I assumed that could be the case seeing as you said 'greenday and blink 182'
so yeah..
Randall and Line 6 are, to me, light years ahead of Marshall SS's for most tones in general.
The old VS8080 combo and it's head version the VS100, are considered by many to be Marshall's best solid state (hybrid) amps ever. Many feel that when Marshall moved onto the AVT series, they wrecked the Valvestate line.

I personally agree with this. I have 2 friends that own VS8080 combos and I do find they're quite good. Not the sound I'm after, but still good. And I think for the pop-punk sound, it would be a kickass amplifier.

If it's one of these old amps, then it's a good choice, as they're failry cheap in the used market. If it's one of the newer Valvestate (AVT), then I"d say avoid it.
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