having heard some of john frusciante's solo work and being a big RHCP fan i wondered what everyone thought because i have heard people say that john frusciante is a better singer than anthony keidis. Whadda you think if you havent heard john's solo work then make sure you do, its good stuff!
I think he may well be a better singer technically, but his style wouldn't really fit lead vocals of RHCP.

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his solo stuff is mint (whether under John Frusciante, Ataxia or John Frusciante/Josh Klinghoffer)
so much better than Chili's
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theyre both good but they've got different types of voices and I think his is better for backing vocals anyway
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No way, Anthony pwns all

Really though, I much prefer Anthony's voice. It's so smooth...

only RHCP thread...
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