Hello there, musicians and fellow music lovers! I too, am inspired by music and hope to work on a related job someday. Luckily, things are going in that direction although the wait is a killer- I think I'll achieve my goal in 10 years or more. All right, the questions.

1) MUSIC SCHOOL. I plan to take a 4-year trimestral course on music production (probably the only one of its kind in the country). If not that, any college music course would do. what should I expect in music school? (what kind of things will i study there? what kind of things should i definitely know before i go there?)

2) INSTRUMENTS. i've already picked up the guitar but i'm still wondering, what is the easiest instrument out there? and which instrument/s do you think is a must to learn?

3) BAND or LESSONS? i hate it, but i can't do music full time. not now. i'm still studying. i have two guitar teachers, therefore two sets of lessons and half the time. but i'm always practicing by myself. should i find a band to practice with? some people say that cover bands are sh*t and i agree, and bands here are even worse, i tell you. i can't stand the local taste in music. but i still don't know if i won't benefit from a band. at least i would learn how to play along with real people and i will be forced to practice... hmmm.

4) STUDIO BUSINESS. my parents are going to sell our purified water business soon and it's very likely that they will use the space for another business. i'm thinking studio and they're considering it. hmmm... what's in a studio, anyway? what do we need? what should we know?

1.) You planning to go learn about music or how to produce it? It's the difference between being the guy who sits at the mixing board and the guy who's playing the instrument into the mic...

2.) Pick some. There aren't any standards, really. None of them could hurt.

3.) If you can do both, do both. I prefer band settings--it refines your playing in ways lessons cannot do.

4.) First thing you need: Money. Lots of it. Check back when you have it.
Looking for my India/Django.
thanks, redwing_suck!

i'll probably be the one on the mixing board or something like that. more on production than mastering an instrument. but i still have to know how to play something, right?