John Petrucci or Joe Satriani.

I personaly find Petrucci's style extremely amzing but at the same time extremely boring. I hate the way he plays long drawn out melodies and then goes into a million notes per minute for a couple of seconds.

Joe Satriani I find purely amazing. I think he is one of the best guitar players in the world and he is consistant in being able to write songs with his instrumental syle rather than just doing the sorts of Steve Vai thing and just writting guitar peices.

So I without a doubt go for Joe Satriani as he's only only amazing to watch (John Petrucci is boring as hell) but he's amazing to listen too aswell! What do you think?
Dave Tither
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Come on man, you've been here over a year and a half. You should know better than to do a versus thread. And yes this is a versus thread, no matter how cleverly you try to word it.
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No, a versus thread would be 'who do you think is better?'. I'm just curious as to what people think about the styles of 2 different musicians who operate in the same geonra. (I've no idea just how many spelling mistakes I made)
Dave Tither