Just wrote this song. Thinkin structure and flow will probably need to be worked on, as i've just written it from the heart.

I'm getting ready for night out, tipsy , and thought of this guy. We met n pulled n was seein each other for a while, and then kind of in between friends n together and he was ****in me up coz i fell in love with him. probably am still in love with him. a song of memories regrets. about how we met and wish we hadn't coz i'm still not over him and we're not really see each other much, so it's not like i've got a great friendship over it that i'd miss if we'd never have met. just the pain would go.

Wish I had never have been there
Wish I had never have got that train
And waited for another day
To see if I could get back my own way

Then I made my mistake
I met you late that night
And I said hi
We shared our first goodbye
Kissed goodnight
And off you went

You?re a creature of the night

You become a different shadow
And fill your mould with new trouble
Acting like you know the way
Saying no, but pleading all the same

All that springs to mind is
Your sweet alibis
And how this started out
In hidden breath you screwed us up,
I?m telling you up front
Yet things go on

Standing in, in between stages,
More than friends but less than more
Everyone thinks they know the game

Don?t speak.
Situation isn?t yours
Don?t speak.
Depth of reality is perceiving
Don?t speak.

You?re a creature of the night

Don?t end here
Story unfold and off we go
You come by
And we say hi again
kiss goodnight again
But you stay and we become
A little more
But you don?t know the way
You said you know the way
And ask for more, but say goodbye
And we remain separate

Don?t speak.
Don?t speak
Live and let die
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Yea its pretty long. Its nice. A little diff imo. It's from the heart and that is what makes it good.
from the heart coz i'm bit pissed lol
shouldn't ****in be thinkin of him. no excuse coz drinkin.

anyway thanks a lot - obviously means a lot,

any ideas about improvement upon strong structure/solidness

obviouisly i'll have a look when sober

but thank you again
shell x
Live and let die
i've taken bits out and changed around, so its shorter

kind of doesnt have a chorus... hmm
Live and let die