Hey guys, My band recorded a few weeks ago, and last night we posted a few new songs on Myspace. I just wanted to know what you guys thought. I will crit for crit, but I only crit as well as you crit. The songs are called Silhouette, and Dreams. Use the Standalone player if it doesnt work for you. Thanks, Russ

Even thought it doesnt particularly appeal to my tastes it does sounds pretty good

The playing is really good and the singing is pretty good to, its confident and different and tahts lacking from most of this young kind of bands nowadays.

Lyrics seem to do the job although I dotn intend to figure them out as such. It all seems like a interesting mix of sort of modern day metal and the modern kind of punk stuff, which while niether of them are my favorutie genres you meld them very interestingly and it works very well, I can see it been music that would sell to modern day audiences very well.

Altogether great, excellent musicianship too

Crit back please
Overall, not bad. I thought it sounded a little thin though. Maybe bring in another guitar part/track. I wasn't overly impressed with the vocals, particularly in the verse. IMO, it sounded flat. It also sounds a little timid...I would like to hear it belted out a little stronger. I do admit that I'm a picky bastard when it comes to vocals though...tis why I don't have any.

I thought it was a good recording and you were all decently tight. I liked the outro. Good job.

I liked this one much better. Nice riffs. I thought the vocals were flat in a few places, but see above. I did like the vocal effect in the middle. Thought it was nice harmonizing, vocally and musically.
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the music is recorded very nicely....the vocals are great, but could almost be louder in my opinion...meaning they dont sound professionally done to me (not that it's easy to make them sound professionally done)....you guys seem to click together nicely....the first one's intro is pretty dang neat, nice and in your face....still, i think the way the vox are recorded it takes just a bit from it....like there isnt anything wrong with them at all, they sound great and the singer has a nice voice...it just sounds like it needs to be more raspy or a bit higher in the treble department (think dexter holland of offspring to get what im trying to say).......however, you guys have some great stuff going here, definitely keep it up and let me know when you have something else to check out!

crit me?

Not my kind of music - but I can appreciate it despite the personal taste issue heh.

Silhouette - Vocals need to be louder - really liked the intro to this. The little riff in the middle at about 2ish sort of came out of nowhere - but the one with distortion that followed sounded pretty good. And i liked the overlapped panned vocals to end it.

Dreams - Sounds more like my kind of thing - really like the intro. Again the vocals are too quiet though - they pick up in the prechorus and chorus - which btw are very catchy. Really like this one.

Overall I say pretty good job - even though as I said before it's not particularly my thing - I actually enjoyed the second one heh. Oh and sorry for the late response - I've been away so hadn't checked the link on my post!