Hey guys,
So a couple of my friends are sk8ers and their making a dvd, and they wanted me to write and record a 40 second theme song thing for them. They wanted it heavy but kinda like a solo. So thats what i did, its a dual solo with one rhythm guitar and some drums. Tell me what you think
its called
the theme song.

thanks a lot guys, and have yourself a lovely day.
I think thats really very good, and bit dissonant at some points but in a very effective way, howd u record it? its really good qulaity. Good interwinint lead parts sounds, and its very professional. Id kind of agree with KRGuitarist in the sense that as a theme tune it needs a more definable melody to provide a hook, but there is kinda of one that depending on ones opinion may or may not do.

So yeah itd wud probably still work, and if you ever make a full vesion of a song with it, you should post it, itll be cool to hear

crit back please

Thanks a lot fellas. To record i used a boss 1600 digital recording workstation. And some cool tricks and ****. Im just finishin up recording school right now, so thats why it sounds somewhat decent quality. Ive actually been working on a full version song, where i sing and i play some bass and everything for it too. Its going to be a very killswitch engagey song.
Thanks again
I'm liking that theme song. It sounds like it could be used on a action games trailer.
well it doesnt flow very well and all the notes and phrases get a bit samey towards the end... use a wider range of notes and try and make it more catchy.
I thinks its perfect for its use. Its cool, I like it a lot. I dont have any complaints with it, except I dont really like it a whole lot when the left ear switches to half notes. Are these real drums?